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This outboard is controlled by an advanced microprocessor Engine Control Module (ECM), which receives inputs from six major sensors located throughout the engine. This information is used to ensure the engine runs at peak performance, by delivering the right fuel/air mixture to each combustion chamber. This increased throat dia. and larger main jet allowed it to breather better and to pull more fuel in, increasing the RPM about 1000 RPM, hence more HP. For those of you who think you are a good machinist and can bore out the throat of a 9.9 to make it a 15hp, well NOT REALLY. Out of Gas? Check that there is gas in the tank. If you squeeze the bulb and it never gets hard or takes more than 5 or 6 squeezes to get hard, it's likely that there is a How to tell if the outboard is flooded. Flooded refers to flooding the motor with fuel, not having dropped it in the...

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Weak valve springs if you suspect weak valve springs, rev the engine to say 4000 rpm and see if the needle swings back and forth rapidly. Then raise the revs to 5000 or even 6000 rpm, if your valve springs are weak, you'll see the swinging get wider as revs increase. A vacuum leak would be indicated by a low reading of say 5 inches of mercury ...

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Instead of lugging the engine, try downshifting to a lower gear and/or accelerating more gradually. Keep in mind, too, that the engine and drivetrain have to be matched to the application. If you're working your engine too hard, perhaps you need a transmission with a wider gear ratio or a higher final drive ratio in the differential. Some people, instead of buying a proper size injector to get more peak hp opt to push the limits of the current injector they have by cranking up the FP and running at near or over 80% duty cycle. Once you exceed a 20% increase from the maximum FP spec, you wear out the injectors faster and the ECU fuel map calibrations for the program are no ...

How do I feed the drawstring back out of the hole? If I pull it out all the way, I do not think I can ever get it back in again. Slide the string channel material over the pin and grab the outboard end of the pin. Disclaimer: Posts on this website may contain references to products from one or more of our advertisers.How can I test what the max RPM's my unit is achieving without being in the water? Let's say I get a propeller pitch adjustment, can I test the top RPM's with a water It is not possible to test max rpms while watercraft is out of the water, you must have a load on the engine.Nov 05, 2019 · A jack plate can help maximize boat speed. CMC Marine. 5. Get a Jack Plate for Your Outboard Engine. To get the most out of your outboards, Schoenbohm recommends mounting them on a jack plate such as those made by CMC Marine (, Bob's Machine Shop ( or T-H Marine (

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